Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. An overview of data protectionGeneral information

The following information will provide you with an easy to navigate overview of what will happen with yourpersonal data when you visit this website. The term “personal data” comprises all data that can be used topersonally identify you. For detailed information about the subject matter of data protection, please consultour Data Protection Declaration, which we have included beneath this copy.

Data recording on this website
Who is the responsible party for the recording of data on this website (i.e., the “controller”)?

The data on this website is processed by the operator of the website, whose contact information is availableunder section “Information about the responsible party (referred to as the “controller” in the GDPR)” in thisPrivacy Policy.

How do we record your data?

We collect your data as a result of your sharing of your data with us. This may, for instance be informationyou enter into our contact form.

Other data shall be recorded by our IT systems automatically or after you consent to its recording duringyour website visit. This data comprises primarily technical information (e.g., web browser, operating system,or time the site was accessed). This information is recorded automatically when you access this website.

What are the purposes we use your data for?

A portion of the information is generated to guarantee the error free provision of the website. Other datamay be used to analyze your user patterns.

What rights do you have as far as your information is concerned?

You have the right to receive information about the source, recipients, and purposes of your archivedpersonal data at any time without having to pay a fee for such disclosures. You also have the right to demandthat your data are rectified or eradicated. If you have consented to data processing, you have the option torevoke this consent at any time, which shall affect all future data processing. Moreover, you have the right todemand that the processing of your data be restricted under certain circumstances. Furthermore, you havethe right to log a complaint with the competent supervising agency.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions about this or any other data protectionrelated issues.

Analysis tools and tools provided by third parties

There is a possibility that your browsing patterns will be statistically analyzed when your visit this website.Such analyses are performed primarily with what we refer to as analysis programs.

For detailed information about these analysis programs please consult our Data Protection Declarationbelow.

2. Hosting

We are hosting the content of our website at the following provider:


The provider is the Webflow, Inc., 398 11th Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA (hereinafterreferred to as “Webflow”). When you visit our website, Webflow records various logfiles, including your IPaddress.

Webflow is a tool for the creation and hosting of websites. Webflow stores cookies or other recognitiontechnologies that are required for the depiction of the site, for the provision of certain website functions andto guarantee its security (necessary cookies).

For details, please consult the data privacy policy of Webflow:

We use Webflow on the basis of Art.6(1)(f) GDPR. We have a legitimate interest in ensuring that our websiteis depicted as reliable as possible. If appropriate consent has been obtained, the processing is carried outexclusively on the basis of Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR and § 25 (1) TTDSG, insofar the consent includes the storage ofcookies or the access to information in the user’s end device (e.g., device fingerprinting) within the meaningof the TTDSG. This consent can be revoked at any time.

The transfer of data to the United States is based on the standard contract clauses of the EU Commission.For details, please go to:

3. General information and mandatory informationData protection

The operators of this website and its pages take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Hence,we handle your personal data as confidential information and in compliance with the statutory dataprotection regulations and this Data Protection Declaration.

Whenever you use this website, a variety of personal information will be collected. Personal data comprisesdata that can be used to personally identify you. This Data Protection Declaration explains which data wecollect as well as the purposes we use this data for. It also explains how, and for which purpose theinformation is collected.

We herewith advise you that the transmission of data via the Internet (i.e., through e-mail communications)may be prone to security gaps. It is not possible to completely protect data against third-party access.

Information about the responsible party (referred to as the “controller” in the GDPR)

The data processing controller on this website is:

J&J E-Commerce GbRBötelkamp 31
22529 Hamburg

Phone: +49 176 41841520E-mail:

The controller is the natural person or legal entity that single-handedly or jointly with others makesdecisions as to the purposes of and resources for the processing of personal data (e.g., names, e-mailaddresses, etc.).

Storage duration

Unless a more specific storage period has been specified in this privacy policy, your personal data will remainwith us until the purpose for which it was collected no longer applies. If you assert a justified request fordeletion or revoke your consent to data processing, your data will be deleted, unless we have other legallypermissible reasons for storing your personal data (e.g., tax or commercial law retention periods); in thelatter case, the deletion will take place after these reasons cease to apply.

General information on the legal basis for the data processing on this website

If you have consented to data processing, we process your personal data on the basis of Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR orArt. 9 (2)(a) GDPR, if special categories of data are processed according to Art. 9 (1) DSGVO. In the case ofexplicit consent to the transfer of personal data to third countries, the data processing is also based on Art.49 (1)(a) GDPR. If you have consented to the storage of cookies or to the access to information in your enddevice (e.g., via device fingerprinting), the data processing is additionally based on § 25 (1) TTDSG. Theconsent can be revoked at any time. If your data is required for the fulfillment of a contract or for theimplementation of pre-contractual measures, we process your data on the basis of Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR.Furthermore, if your data is required for the fulfillment of a legal obligation, we process it on the basis of Art.6(1)(c) GDPR. Furthermore, the data processing may be carried out on the basis of our legitimate interestaccording to Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR. Information on the relevant legal basis in each individual case is provided inthe following paragraphs of this privacy policy.

Information on data transfer to the USA and other non-EU countries

Among other things, we use tools of companies domiciled in the United States or other from a dataprotection perspective non-secure non-EU countries. If these tools are active, your personal data maypotentially be transferred to these non-EU countries and may be processed there. We must point out that in these countries, a data protection level that is comparable to that in the EU cannot be guaranteed. Forinstance, U.S. enterprises are under a mandate to release personal data to the security agencies and you asthe data subject do not have any litigation options to defend yourself in court. Hence, it cannot be ruled outthat U.S. agencies (e.g., the Secret Service) may process, analyze, and permanently archive your personaldata for surveillance purposes. We have no control over these processing activities.

Recipients of personal data

In the scope of our business activities, we cooperate with various external parties. In some cases, this alsorequires the transfer of personal data to these external parties. We only disclose personal data to externalparties if this is required as part of the fulfillment of a contract, if we are legally obligated to do so (e.g.,disclosure of data to tax authorities), if we have a legitimate interest in the disclosure pursuant to Art. 6 (1)(f)GDPR, or if another legal basis permits the disclosure of this data. When using processors, we only disclosepersonal data of our customers on the basis of a valid contract on data processing. In the case of jointprocessing, a joint processing agreement is concluded.

Revocation of your consent to the processing of data

A wide range of data processing transactions are possible only subject to your express consent. You can alsorevoke at any time any consent you have already given us. This shall be without prejudice to the lawfulnessof any data collection that occurred prior to your revocation.

Right to object to the collection of data in special cases; right to object to directadvertising (Art. 21 GDPR)



Right to log a complaint with the competent supervisory agency

In the event of violations of the GDPR, data subjects are entitled to log a complaint with a supervisoryagency, in particular in the member state where they usually maintain their domicile, place of work or at theplace where the alleged violation occurred. The right to log a complaint is in effect regardless of any otheradministrative or court proceedings available as legal recourses.

Right to data portability

You have the right to have data that we process automatically on the basis of your consent or in fulfillment ofa contract handed over to you or to a third party in a common, machine-readable format. If you should demand the direct transfer of the data to another controller, this will be done only if it is technically feasible.

Information about, rectification and eradication of data

Within the scope of the applicable statutory provisions, you have the right to demand information aboutyour archived personal data, their source and recipients as well as the purpose of the processing of your dataat any time. You may also have a right to have your data rectified or eradicated. If you have questions aboutthis subject matter or any other questions about personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime.

Right to demand processing restrictions

You have the right to demand the imposition of restrictions as far as the processing of your personal data isconcerned. To do so, you may contact us at any time. The right to demand restriction of processing applies inthe following cases:

In the event that you should dispute the correctness of your data archived by us, we will usually needsome time to verify this claim. During the time that this investigation is ongoing, you have the right todemand that we restrict the processing of your personal data.
If the processing of your personal data was/is conducted in an unlawful manner, you have the option todemand the restriction of the processing of your data instead of demanding the eradication of this data.
If we do not need your personal data any longer and you need it to exercise, defend or claim legalentitlements, you have the right to demand the restriction of the processing of your personal data insteadof its eradication.

If you have raised an objection pursuant to Art. 21(1) GDPR, your rights and our rights will have to beweighed against each other. As long as it has not been determined whose interests prevail, you have theright to demand a restriction of the processing of your personal data.

If you have restricted the processing of your personal data, these data – with the exception of their archiving –may be processed only subject to your consent or to claim, exercise or defend legal entitlements or to
protect the rights of other natural persons or legal entities or for important public interest reasons cited bythe European Union or a member state of the EU.

Rejection of unsolicited e-mails

We herewith object to the use of contact information published in conjunction with the mandatoryinformation to be provided in our Site Notice to send us promotional and information material that we havenot expressly requested. The operators of this website and its pages reserve the express right to take legalaction in the event of the unsolicited sending of promotional information, for instance via SPAM messages.

4. Recording of data on this websiteCookies

Our websites and pages use what the industry refers to as “cookies.” Cookies are small data packages that donot cause any damage to your device. They are either stored temporarily for the duration of a session(session cookies) or they are permanently archived on your device (permanent cookies). Session cookies areautomatically deleted once you terminate your visit. Permanent cookies remain archived on your deviceuntil you actively delete them, or they are automatically eradicated by your web browser.

Cookies can be issued by us (first-party cookies) or by third-party companies (so-called third-party cookies).Third-party cookies enable the integration of certain services of third-party companies into websites (e.g.,cookies for handling payment services). Cookies have a variety of functions. Many cookies are technically essential since certain website functionswould not work in the absence of these cookies (e.g., the shopping cart function or the display of videos).Other cookies may be used to analyze user behavior or for promotional purposes.

Cookies, which are required for the performance of electronic communication transactions, for the provisionof certain functions you want to use (e.g., for the shopping cart function) or those that are necessary for theoptimization (required cookies) of the website (e.g., cookies that provide measurable insights into the webaudience), shall be stored on the basis of Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR, unless a different legal basis is cited. Theoperator of the website has a legitimate interest in the storage of required cookies to ensure the technicallyerror-free and optimized provision of the operator’s services. If your consent to the storage of the cookiesand similar recognition technologies has been requested, the processing occurs exclusively on the basis ofthe consent obtained (Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR and § 25 (1) TTDSG); this consent may be revoked at any time.

You have the option to set up your browser in such a manner that you will be notified any time cookies areplaced and to permit the acceptance of cookies only in specific cases. You may also exclude the acceptance ofcookies in certain cases or in general or activate the delete-function for the automatic eradication of cookieswhen the browser closes. If cookies are deactivated, the functions of this website may be limited.

Which cookies and services are used on this website can be found in this privacy policy.


You can make appointments with us on our website. We use the “Calendly” tool for booking appointments.The provider is Calendly LLC, 271 17th St NW, 10th Floor, Atlanta, Georgia 30363, USA (hereinafter“Calendly”).

To book an appointment, enter the requested data and the desired date in the screen provided. The dataentered will be used for planning, executing and, if necessary, for the follow-up of the appointment. Theappointment data is stored for us on the servers of Calendly, whose privacy policy can be viewed here:

The data you have entered will remain with us until you ask us to delete it, revoke your consent for storageor the purpose for which the data was stored ceases to apply. Mandatory legal provisions, in particularretention periods, remain unaffected.

The legal basis for data processing is Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR. The website operator has a justified interest inmaking appointments with interested parties and customers in as uncomplicated a manner as possible. Ifappropriate consent has been obtained, the processing is carried out exclusively on the basis of Art. 6(1)(a)GDPR and § 25 (1) TTDSG, insofar the consent includes the storage of cookies or the access to information inthe user’s end device (e.g., device fingerprinting) within the meaning of the TTDSG. This consent can berevoked at any time.

The data transfer to the USA is based on the standard contractual clauses of the European Commission.Details can be found here:

Google Calendar

On our website, you have the option to set up appointments with our company. For planning purposes, weuse Google Calendar. The provider is Google Ireland Limited (“Google”), Gordon House, Barrow Street,Dublin 4, Ireland (hereinafter referred to as “Google”).

To make reservations for an appointment, you will enter the requested data and your preferred meetingdate into the dedicated screen. The data you enter will be used to plan, conduct, and possibly also follow upon the appointment. The appointment information will be stored on the servers of Google Calendar on our behalf. You may review the company’s data protection policy here:

The data recorded in this manner will be stored until you ask us to delete them, revoke your consent to thearchiving of your data or until the purpose of archiving the data no longer exists. This does not affectmandatory statutory provisions – in particular those governing retention periods.

The legal basis for the processing of the data is Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR. The operator of the website has alegitimate interest in ensuring that appointments with customers and prospective customers can bescheduled as easily as possible. If appropriate consent has been obtained, the processing is carried outexclusively on the basis of Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR and § 25 (1) TTDSG, insofar the consent includes the storage ofcookies or the access to information in the user’s end device (e.g., device fingerprinting) within the meaningof the TTDSG. This consent can be revoked at any time.

Data transfer to the US is based on the standard contractual clauses of the EU Commission. Details can befound here: and

5. Analysis tools and advertisingMeta-Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel)

To measure conversion rates, this website uses the visitor activity pixel of Facebook/Meta. The provider ofthis service is Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland. According toFacebook’s statement the collected data will be transferred to the USA and other third-party countries too.

This tool allows the tracking of page visitors after they have been linked to the website of the provider afterclicking on a Facebook ad. This makes it possible to analyze the effectiveness of Facebook ads for statisticaland market research purposes and to optimize future advertising campaigns.

For us as the operators of this website, the collected data is anonymous. We are not in a position to arrive atany conclusions as to the identity of users. However, Facebook archives the information and processes it, sothat it is possible to make a connection to the respective user profile and Facebook is in a position to use thedata for its own promotional purposes in compliance with the Facebook Data Usage Policy ( This enables Facebook to display ads on Facebook pages as wellas in locations outside of Facebook. We as the operator of this website have no control over the use of suchdata.

The use of these services occurs on the basis of your consent pursuant to Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR and § 25(1)TTDSG. You may revoke your consent at any time.

Insofar as personal data is collected on our website with the help of the tool described here and forwarded toFacebook, we and Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2,Ireland are jointly responsible for this data processing (Art. 26 DSGVO). The joint responsibility is limitedexclusively to the collection of the data and its forwarding to Facebook. The processing by Facebook thattakes place after the onward transfer is not part of the joint responsibility. The obligations incumbent on usjointly have been set out in a joint processing agreement. The wording of the agreement can be found under: According to this agreement, we are responsible forproviding the privacy information when using the Facebook tool and for the privacy-secure implementationof the tool on our website. Facebook is responsible for the data security of Facebook products. You canassert data subject rights (e.g., requests for information) regarding data processed by Facebook directly withFacebook. If you assert the data subject rights with us, we are obliged to forward them to Facebook. Data transmission to the US is based on the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) of the EuropeanCommission. Details can be found here: and

In Facebook’s Data Privacy Policies, you will find additional information about the protection of your privacyat:

You also have the option to deactivate the remarketing function “Custom Audiences” in the ad settingssection under To do this, you first haveto log into Facebook.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can deactivate any user-based advertising by Facebook on thewebsite of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance:

LinkedIn Insight Tag

This website uses the Insight tag from LinkedIn. This service is provided by LinkedIn Ireland UnlimitedCompany, Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Data processing by LinkedIn Insight tag

We use the LinkedIn Insight tag to obtain information about visitors to our website. Once a website visitor isregistered with LinkedIn, we can analyze the key occupational data (e.g., career level, company size, country,location, industry, job title) of our website visitors to help us better target our site to the relevant audience.We can also use LinkedIn Insight tags to measure whether visitors to our websites make a purchase orperform other actions (conversion measurement). Conversion measurement can also be carried out acrossdevices (e.g. from PC to tablet). LinkedIn Insight Tag also features a retargeting function that allows us todisplay targeted advertising to visitors to our website outside of the website. According to LinkedIn, noidentification of the advertising addressee takes place.

LinkedIn itself also collects log files (URL, referrer URL, IP address, device and browser characteristics andtime of access). The IP addresses are shortened or (if they are used to reach LinkedIn members acrossdevices) hashed (pseudonymized). The direct identifiers of LinkedIn members are deleted by LinkedIn afterseven days. The remaining pseudonymized data will then be deleted within 180 days.

The data collected by LinkedIn cannot be assigned by us as a website operator to specific individuals.LinkedIn will store the personal data collected from website visitors on its servers in the USA and use it forits own promotional activities. For details, please see LinkedIn’s privacy policy at

Legal basis

If your approval (consent) has been obtained the use of the abovementioned service shall occur on the basisof Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR and § 25 TTDSG (German Telecommunications Act). Such consent may be revoked atany time. If your consent was not obtained, the use of the service will occur on the basis of Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR;the website operator has a legitimate interest in effective advertising promotions that include the utilizationof social media.

Data transmission to the US is based on the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) of the EuropeanCommission. Details can be found here: and

Objection to the use of LinkedIn Insight Tag

You can object to LinkedIn’s analysis of user behavior and targeted advertising at the following link:

In addition, LinkedIn members can control the use of their personal information for promotional purposes inthe account settings. To prevent LinkedIn from linking information collected on our site to your LinkedInaccount, you must log out of your LinkedIn account before you visit our site.

6. Plug-ins and ToolsGoogle Fonts

To ensure that fonts used on this website are uniform, this website uses so-called Google Fonts provided byGoogle. When you access a page on our website, your browser will load the required fonts into your browsercache to correctly display text and fonts.

To do this, the browser you use will have to establish a connection with Google’s servers. As a result, Googlewill learn that your IP address was used to access this website. The use of Google Fonts is based on Art.6(1)(f) GDPR. The website operator has a legitimate interest in a uniform presentation of the font on theoperator’s website. If appropriate consent has been obtained, the processing is carried out exclusively on thebasis of Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR and § 25 (1) TTDSG, insofar the consent includes the storage of cookies or theaccess to information in the user’s end device (e.g., device fingerprinting) within the meaning of the TTDSG.This consent can be revoked at any time.

If your browser should not support Google Fonts, a standard font installed on your computer will be used.

For more information on Google Fonts, please follow this link: and consult Google’s Data Privacy Declaration under:

7. Online-based Audio and Video Conferences (Conference tools)

Data processing

We use online conference tools, among other things, for communication with our customers. The tools weuse are listed in detail below. If you communicate with us by video or audio conference using the Internet,your personal data will be collected and processed by the provider of the respective conference tool and byus. The conferencing tools collect all information that you provide/access to use the tools (email addressand/or your phone number). Furthermore, the conference tools process the duration of the conference, startand end (time) of participation in the conference, number of participants and other “context information”related to the communication process (metadata).

Furthermore, the provider of the tool processes all the technical data required for the processing of theonline communication. This includes, in particular, IP addresses, MAC addresses, device IDs, device type,operating system type and version, client version, camera type, microphone or loudspeaker and the type ofconnection.

Should content be exchanged, uploaded, or otherwise made available within the tool, it is also stored on theservers of the tool provider. Such content includes, but is not limited to, cloud recordings, chat/ instantmessages, voicemail uploaded photos and videos, files, whiteboards, and other information shared whileusing the service.

Please note that we do not have complete influence on the data processing procedures of the tools used. Ourpossibilities are largely determined by the corporate policy of the respective provider. Further informationon data processing by the conference tools can be found in the data protection declarations of the toolsused, and which we have listed below this text.

Purpose and legal bases

The conference tools are used to communicate with prospective or existing contractual partners or to offercertain services to our customers (Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR). Furthermore, the use of the tools serves to generallysimplify and accelerate communication with us or our company (legitimate interest in the meaning of Art.6(1)(f) GDPR). Insofar as consent has been requested, the tools in question will be used on the basis of thisconsent; the consent may be revoked at any time with effect from that date.

Duration of storage

Data collected directly by us via the video and conference tools will be deleted from our systemsimmediately after you request us to delete it, revoke your consent to storage, or the reason for storing thedata no longer applies. Stored cookies remain on your end device until you delete them. Mandatory legalretention periods remain unaffected.

We have no influence on the duration of storage of your data that is stored by the operators of theconference tools for their own purposes. For details, please directly contact the operators of the conferencetools.

Conference tools used

We employ the following conference tools:

Google Meet

We use Google Meet. The provider is Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4,Ireland. For details on data processing, please see the Google privacy policy: